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CAT-DOG 3D Rotating Blend ANIMATED.gif

"We are passionate about two things: Animals and Design.

As designers, we always find inspiration in the beauty and diversity of the beloved pets that share our lives.

From this passion, MichiSaurio and DoggySaurio were born, projects that combine our love for dogs and cats with our artistic creativity.

MichiSaurio and DoggySaurio are proudly developed in California, a place where innovation and personal expression are fundamental. We want to bring that essence to every corner, and what better way to do it than through simple yet stylized products, like small pieces of art.

Our mission is clear: We aim to reach all the people who share our love for these loyal companions and wish to express it in a cheerful, and modern way.

We believe in the simplicity of forms, so we seek minimalist designs that reflect the faces of dogs and cats, distilled to their simplest expressions to resonate with pets all over the world.

In each product we offer, you'll find a piece of our love for these furry companions and art.

We hope you join us on this journey, and may our products inspire you to share your own passion and love for dogs and cats."

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