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Michi "Modern Class Fit" Tee UNISEX

Michi "Modern Class Fit" Tee UNISEX

Celebrate PAWmic-Con with Us!

In honor of Comic-Con and our participation in PAWMic-Con, all products are priced at $25 from July 13 to July 31. Additionally, you can choose to donate $5 from your purchase to Helen Woodward Animal Center by applying code PAWMIC-CON5 at checkout!


Get yours NOW! Limited Production.

Cause be "casual" doesn't mean it can't be "cool".


Introducing the MichiSaurio Tee, a very cool T-Shirt and the perfect addition to your casual wardrobe. Made from 100% cotton, this Tee features a specialty treatment for a soft look and feel, ensuring maximum comfort all day long.

The 'Modern Classic Fit ' style combines classic comfort with a more tailored and flattering cut, offering a sleek silhouette without being too tight.

This intermediate cut between the "Classic" and "Slim" styles provides a modern and versatile look suitable for any gender.


Please note that this modern fit is more tailored than the traditional Classic Fit. Additionally, garments may experience slight shrinkage after the first wash. We recommend consulting our detailed size chart (See below) to choose the option that best fits you.


Crafted from high-quality materials and meticulously tailored, our t-shirts offer a perfect balance of style, comfort, and lasting quality.


The crew neck style adds to its versatility, making it perfect for Unisex use.


Beside, our designers thinking about your comfort, designed this tee as a tagless  to provide maximum comfort without irritating seams, edges, or abrasive tag materials rubbing on the skin, resulting in a more enjoyable wearing experience. 


Our distinctive cat face logo, is finely printed on the front of the Tee with a Puff Print technique that provides the appearance of embossing, and it makes it look great.


The ecological materials and eco-friendly inks lead-free used in the production of this Tee make it a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice too.

  • Manufacturer's Suggestion for Care and Washing

    • Machine Wash Cold.
    • Do Not Bleach.
    • Tumble Dry. 
    • Do Not Iron.
    • Do Not Dry Clean.
  • RETURN & REFUND POLICY Return Policy:


    At, our goal is to provide you with high-quality products and ensure your satisfaction.

    We understand that, at times, you may wish to make a return or exchange a product.

    Below, we explain our return policies in a clear and understandable manner:


    1. Manufacturing Defects: In the event that you receive a product with clear manufacturing defects, please contact us via email within 7 days of receiving the product to inform us.

    Our department will assess the case and provide you with precise instructions to resolve any issues related to manufacturing defects.

    2. Final Sales Policy:

    At, we operate with a final sales policy.

    This means that all sales are final, and returns will not be accepted unless the product exhibits clear manufacturing defects or damage during shipping.

    This policy is based on the following principles:

    a) Hygiene and Public Health: The health and safety of our customers are of utmost importance to us.

    We maintain our products unused and without exposure to multiple individuals before delivery.

    This ensures hygiene and prevents potential contamination, especially in the case of caps, which may come into direct contact with hair, and mugs, which may come into direct contact with lips. This measure helps to avoid risks associated with cold sores, fungi, virus or bacteria.

    b) Quality Maintenance: We work tirelessly to guarantee the quality and durability of our products.

    By maintaining a final sales policy, we ensure that each product we send is brand new and in perfect condition.

    We cannot guarantee the quality of products that have been tampered with or returned.


    c) Legal Compliance: We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Some states and jurisdictions have specific regulations regarding the sale of textile products and food-related items, which support our final sales policy.

    Complying with these regulations is crucial for us and ensures that our products are safe and reliable.

    d) Size Changes and Shipping Costs: As we are a small store that is just starting, we regretfully cannot cover return expenses.

    If you require a size change, shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

    We recommend that you carefully check the size charts before making your purchase to avoid fitting issues.


    3. Shipping Damage: If you notice that the package arrives with dents or breakages, we kindly ask you to document these damages with photographs in order to request insurance payment from the shipping company.

    Subsequently, please contact us via email within 7 days of receiving the product to request a replacement.

    Our department will assess the case and contact you with precise instructions as soon as possible.


    We appreciate your understanding regarding our final sales and return policy.

    If you have any questions about a product before purchasing it, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality products and ensure your satisfaction.


  Refund Policy:

    At, our top priority is customer satisfaction.

    We understand that situations may arise where you wish to request a refund for your purchase.

    We have established a refund policy governed by the following principles:

    Refund for Shipping Damage: If you have received a product that was damaged during shipping and have documented the damage according to our shipping policies, we will work with you to file a claim with the respective shipping company.Once the claim is resolved and shipping damage is confirmed, we will offer you the option of a full refund or product replacement, according to your preference.

    Refund for Manufacturing Defects: If you have received a product with evident manufacturing defects and have provided photographic evidence following our shipping policies, we will collaborate with you to assess the defect. If it is confirmed that the product has a manufacturing defect, we will offer you the option of a full refund or product replacement, as per your preference.

    Refund Processing: Refunds will be processed according to the original payment method used for the purchase.Please note that the time it takes for the refund to appear in your account may vary depending on your financial institution's policies and processing times.

    Exceptions: It is important to note that we do not offer refunds in the following cases:

    • Change of mind or personal preferences.

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    We appreciate your understanding and support of our refund policy.

    Our goal is to ensure you have a satisfying shopping experience at, and we want you to be pleased with your products.

    If you have any questions or need to request a refund, please contact us through our customer service, and we will be happy to assist you.

    The Team

  • SHIPPING INFO Shipping Policy:

    At, we are a small family-owned store that is just starting out, and we take pride in offering high-quality and aesthetically pleasing products. To ensure that our products reach you in the best possible way, we have established a shipping policy that is governed by the following principles:

    1. Priority Mail Shipping: We now utilize Priority Mail for shipping to ensure accurate pricing based on order quantity. This method optimizes costs by adjusting rates per item added, offering the best value for combined shipments. Please note that Free Shipping isn't available due to actual postal rates. We prioritize cost-effectiveness for all shipments.


    2. Trusted Carriers: At, we rely on two reputable carriers, UPS and USPS, to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of your products.

    We will use one of these two carriers to ship your order.

    You can be assured that both offer quality services to ensure that your products arrive in perfect condition and on time.

    3. Domestic Shipments Only: Currently, our shipments are limited to destinations within the United States.

    This is due to the high costs associated with customs and international shipping, which can significantly increase the total cost of the order.

    We strive to serve our customers within the United States efficiently and economically.

    4. Damages During Shipping: We understand the importance of your products arriving in perfect condition. If, unfortunately, your products are damaged during transit, it is important to document these damages.

    Please take photographs of the damage and contact us immediately.

    We are here to assist you in filing a claim with the appropriate shipping company so that you can receive a replacement or a refund.

    5. Delivery Times: Delivery times may vary depending on the destination location and the selected carrier.

    We will do our best to provide you with an accurate estimate of the delivery time when you make your purchase.

    However, please be aware that unforeseen delays may occur due to circumstances beyond our control, such as extreme weather conditions or operational issues with the shipping company.


    6. Shipping Tracking: We will provide you with a tracking number once your order has been shipped.

    This will allow you to track the progress of your delivery online and stay informed about the estimated arrival date.

    We chose not to sell on Amazon because its policies and costs do not align with our reality as an emerging business. While Amazon offers advantages such as free shipping and seemingly low prices, these benefits are viable for mass sales, which does not reflect our limited production.


    We prefer to operate independently to have full control over our brand and products, offering a personalized shopping experience and maintaining direct communication with our customers to cultivate long-term relationships. This autonomy allows us to set prices and strategies that fit our business needs, ensuring sustainable profit margins.

    Managing our platform provides valuable data and insights about our customers, allowing us to better understand their needs and make informed decisions. On our website, we effectively highlight the unique aspects and value of our products, differentiating ourselves from the competition and attracting customers who appreciate our offerings.

    We appreciate your understanding and support of our shipping policy. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional products efficiently and reliably. If you have any questions about our shipping or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

    The Team

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